Version Differences?
4 years ago
Nova Scotia, Canada

Hey all, hope all is well. I saw AndrewG mention something about version differences regarding a TAS & was wondering what the overall version differences were. I see that JP is separate on the boards so I would have to imagine it's enough of an impact to warrant separation. (Not sure if that's a new change)

Also let me know if there's a good/preferred spot for chatting about strats and whatnot opposed to here.

Massachusetts, USA

Unfortunately, I know a way to perform the Super Werewolf glitch. Since playing the J version just the other day, I was kind of curious if it were possible. There aren't that many changes between the versions, but keeping them separate probably makes sense, especially as the Super Werewolf glitch isn't possible until stage 2. Time-wise, it's still not a huge amount, but stage 1's layout presents some other factors that affect the time.

I always thought that a non-super werewolf category could be a cool "low%" idea. Not sure your thoughts on that, or if there would even be enough people interested considering there aren't a ton of runners, but I might give it a shot for fun. A "no super werewolf%" idea could work just as well. Either way, the run is still vastly different than when using the glitch.

I also did do a run way back when before I found the Super Werewolf glitch:

It's well, it's a speedrun from 2008. Honestly though, this was not that bad a run.

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Nova Scotia, Canada

Low% feels like it would be human only (if that's even possible). There could be glitchless, or are there other glitches that can be done RTA? I watched the TAS and there were some crazy screen transitions & I believe a couple zips. I'm guessing they are not RTA viable? For the screen transition stuff where the player went invisible I was guessing it was like a frame perfect pause on transition or something funky like that.

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Massachusetts, USA

Yea, the idea wouldn't exactly be low%. Beating the game as human isn't possible unfortunately. My run without the super werewolf glitch was almost 4 minutes slower than my run with it, so I think a category could definitely be made. It is also possible to clip through walls, but requires some ridiculously fast left presses.

I think no super werewolf glitch would make a good category, probably more so than just no super werewolf altogether. We don't necessarily need another category, but the glitch is quite a drastic change.

Just a side note: I believe the run would be fastest if performed on the J version.

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Nova Scotia, Canada

Sounds good. Also noticed the J version switched up A & B, which makes it feel like it always should have, but feels super awkward after playing the U version.

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