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Did you try to kill every Undead on the map?

Edit : It seems that you can win by destroying both Undead bases, but I couldn't find a video on it.

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Never heard of this one trick,thanks. I'll try.


As a common answer about 'dead' categories in level section:

1. I think level section is mostly for training/practice/discussion/matching etc. It's like a step to campaigns/full game runs which make it easier to make the entire run. So, there is not a real problem if some of the missions will be optimized up to the limit. For example, hard to imagine how to seriously improve Prologue (1), Human (1) & (3).

2. It will be a little bit weird if we have leaderboard for Human (4) and Human (6) mission, but not to the Human (5) which you still need to run in the full campaign run.

Specifically to Human (5) mission: I've never made any serious attemts, but pretty sure that PeruVi3N is right. You can pass the mission earlier than 30 minutes if you destroy all undead buildings. I think it can be done in less than 20 minutes. However, it's an optional strategy (you can upload successful runs with any time if you want to).

About wrong category upload: probably you can delete this run. I verified correct category upload duplicate. Pay attention that cutting video before mission ends is a bad idea. It looks like unfinished run to the viewers and harder to check. The best way is to keep in record both download and final screens.