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Since the amount of categories allowed on these leaderboards are generally limited by creative potential, a shorter list of categories that are not allowed is easier to make.

The following is a list of categories that are not allowed on these leaderboards (and subsequently the official leaderboards as well). Reminder that this list is not the sole reference for allowable categories and every suggestion of a new category undergoes a subjective review by a moderator.

Disallowed Categories

• Any category that involves a form of banning for any Warframe-related medium. This includes, but not limited to, speedrunning support desk bans, in-game account bans, region chat bans, Warframe-related Twitch channel bans, and Warframe-related Discord bans.
• Any category that shows any form of abuse towards oneself, another player, or an entity. Ex: speedrunning the time until a squad member aborts a mission, because a pre-made squad of three refuses to extract.
• Any category that involves a chat related element to it when the sole objective or majority of the objective is chat related. Ex: speedrunning a sale of an item.
• Any category with the sole purpose of inciting a negative response due to its nature as a speedrun or indirectly via other means such as audio, description, etc. Ex: an overly difficult category called "Painful Category" would be acceptable, whereas a title of "Suicide Category" will not be allowed.