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Thread: legit or not? vote

Started by: ResetReset

tricky story
I think he would be able to get a quite good time without these stuff though, but its hard to say since there are many questionable things throughout the run.
it would be interesting to see a run by him without these "cheats"


Forum: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Thread: Does Offroad Ability 1 flag impact on vehicle performance.

Started by: RhansRhans

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in my experience theres a difference when you drive with offroad wheels, its kinda obvious;you get better handling when you drive on sand or grass
ive seen that it has been discussed a while ago somewhere else, though

check the video by "madmax" on this forum,its a comparison of wheels. could be helpful too,6744.msg159471.html#msg159471

hope that helped a bit

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