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The current rules say timing starts on file select, however, none of the currently listed runs are actually timed in that way. We should thus agree upon a reasonable timing method and the rules should accurately reflect that method.

Timing from file select would mean starting your timer on one of these two screens, depending on how you interpret "file select":

Timing from file select would thus include the intro, as well as entering and exiting Harara Mountains. I don't think the initial menuing and intro/tutorial skipping are worth including in a run for a few reasons:

- They're not interesting.
- Forcing players to start a brand new save file after restarting a run in which they have yet to collect any ball materials makes grinding good starts really annoying.

Anyway, Chumlum and Midboss time their runs from the moment they click "Pinewood Heights" for the first time in the level menu.

I time my runs from the moment I select a ball for the first time in Pinewood Heights, though my times as displayed on this site are altered to conform to the timing method of Chumlum and Midboss. (Though I make no particular effort to select a ball quickly as possible.)

From what I can tell, the general consensus among games with similar situations is to ignore all of the initial menuing, especially when it comes before you start actually playing the game. As a concrete example, consider the way Mario Kart 64 is timed.

I believe my timing method of starting the clock when you select your first ball (and actually start playing the game) makes the most sense.


Hi. When I wrote the "file select" rule, I was actually counting chum's timing (from "Pinewood Heights") as selecting a file. I concede this is a bit misleading!

I don't really have any strong feelings about starting from "Pinewood Heights" vs starting from ball select. My usual philosophy is to start from the menu input that launches the game, but since in this case nothing happens in the game until your first input, it's really a moot point. Apologies for editing the timing on your runs. (I was also a bit confused by the 1 second offset you use when starting).

I don't think chum or midboss read this forum. Feel free to contact them if you want to get their perspective, but personally I'm fine with deferring to starting from ball select.