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Test 1, 2... Test 1, 2...

Hey there,

Welcome to the Vs. Excitebike World Record leaderboard forums!

We encourage all speedrunners to hit the ramps and go for broke in this classic Nintendo racing game. Can you pave your way to the top of the leaderboards?!

Hit me up if you have questions about the speedrun categories for Vs. Excitebike. And most importantly, have fun!

- Twinstar

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Can we add Arcade Vs Excitebike to the list? I actually prefer to play my Arcade machines due to console controls being way to small for me.

Keep up the good work and this community will thrive!


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Thanks, Fly! Yup, no problem, I've added Arcade to the list. Looking forward to seeing more of your runs!

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welcome to the Vs Excitebike community Twinstar!!


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Hey Verne, Does this mean we got you on the hook? LET'S GO!!

I still need to try and find the time to attempt that Marathon score. You set that bar way up there!

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Regular question not doing with the speedrunning of the game. in a middle of my playthrough my bike just turned red and white and black and my temp bar was all white is this like an easter egg or what?

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We like to call it the Superbike. It's a feature that's unique to VS excitebike. You activate it by wrecking 5 opponent riders in a row (during any single race) without crashing yourself. With superbike active you no longer have to worry about overheating; it removes the TEMP guage. But thats about all the superbike has to offer, other than looking really cool 🙂

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huh ok

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