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Finally a complete tool for training in speedrun is OUT with the help of Taron Millet the game dev of Volgarr !!!!

Complete video with
explanations (shortcuts & save states tool)

Right click on Volgarr in your Steam library, select properties, go on Beta tab and enter this password : speedruns4eva
You should now gain acess to the trainer mode. Select "trainer - Speed run trainer" and the game should be downloaded

Shortcuts :

F4 : Quick Map Restart
F7 : Cycle Collision View
SHIFT + F7 : Restore Normal View
F10 : Frame Advance
CTRL + F10 : Slow Motion
Shift + F10 : Restore Normal Speed
F5 : Enter/Exit "Test Mode"
Test Mode
Move camera : Left-click and Drag / Middle mouse button / Arrow Keys / Shift + Arrow Keys
Zoom Camera : Mouse Wheel / Pgup / Pgdown
Select Actor : Left-click / Tab
Move Actor : Left-click and Drag (or Arrow Keys)
Kill Actor : Delete Key
Create Actor : Right-click
Duplicate Actor : Right-click and Drag

(Test mode changes current state, but all changes are lost when restart map !)

Activating Cheats: Cheat is activate as long as DevCheat Actor exist
Map restart resets Test Mode changes, meaning DevCheat Actor no longer exists

F6 : Toggle between "Test Mode" and "Edit Mode"
Edit mode changes initial state of map PERMANANTLY (at least until exit the game)
This means Edit Mode allows cheats to persist after map restart !
You can create a "Save States" by using the Edit mode (watch the video)

Big thanks to Taron Millet to provide a complete tool for training !


Okay this thing is so useful its ridiculous. The way I learn is through trial and error, so the fact that I can use the full equipment cheat with a unlimited lives on Valkyrie path makes learning this game much easier. I used this trainer for an hour learning world 2 Valkyrie path and I only got half way through the first section for world 2 trying to imitate Prospere's run. It is incredible how this guy can nail all these hard strats a year ago without the use of the trainer. I have so much more respect for all of the Valkyrie path runners now. Taron did a great job on this and I will be grinding out Valkyrie path myself using this trainer. 🙂