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Hey, I've been playing the Joe series since, well, it's inception, it wasn't until a few years ago I picked it up and really dug into it. Still love the series to death. I'm specifically posting in VJ2 because I managed to get a better grasp on it than 1 for some reason.

I did my own any % kids, ended up with a 1:11:07, I may submit it but I did it on a very low stream quality. Most of my mistakes stem from not being efficient with taking out enemies, I tend to forget to stop going for rock-ons after I get zoom but bad habits mostly.

Anyway, has anyone been planning a UVR speedrun? I've been toying with it and I've been messing around to reach Statue of doom easily. All the tricks in kids still apply, it's mostly exploiting the AI of the shield enemies that can ruin a UVR run so early.

The last thing I've been wracking my brain with is Alastor, I have his entire AI mapped out in cycles but the thing that ruins my run is when he does the sword stabs, he has no animation changes and his voice clips come out too late. The only clue I have to what he's going to do is that he delays his stab when he moves from high to low, but determining the initial hit seems impossible.

Anyway, if anyone is interested in talking about VJ2 or getting something started I'd love to be a part of it. I do have VJ1 and I can run through that but something about it doesn't strike me like 2 did.

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