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Hey there,

to start things off, I wanted to come up with some suggestions for categories, since we have different endings and difficulties.

Probably the easiest way to do things is like:

Any% - Easy - Nighmare Ending
Any% - Easy - Vigilant Ending
Any% - Easy - Sisters Ending

Any% - Normal - Nighmare Ending
Any% - Normal - Vigilant Ending
Any% - Normal - Sisters Ending

Any% - Hard - Nighmare Ending
Any% - Hard- Vigilant Ending
Any% - Hard - Sisters Ending

Are glitches allowed or will we go glitchless?


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glitches are aloud of course. Im trying to figure out how to set up a in game timer dont know how to do it. Thanks for helping out first time ive been a mod for a game

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Well the game records igt when you save, technically you could use the last safe in the game to show it. Problem is, the game wil not count deaths, so if you die, you go back to your last save with the time you spend to get there (if I´m not totally wrong).

I´m using real time atm, and the difference in a deathless run isn´t that big.

Autosplitter would be probably the best way, but i have no idea how to set up something like that.

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I think there is almost no difference between nighmare ending and vigilant ending.

My suggestion is like:

Any% - Easy/Normal/Hard

All Bosses - Easy/Normal/Hard

In the future, it may be necessary to distinguish between all glitches and no major glitches.


I would also suggest Sisters ending - Easy/Normal/Hard as i feel like sisters ending does do enough stuff to differentiate from All Bosses


Sisters definitely deserves its own category - it takes a lot longer to get all of daisy's heirlooms


Sister ending should defenitly get it´s own category.

Nightmare and Vigilant ending are nearly the same, so we could merge them in any%.

So we could go like

Any% -- Easy/Normal/Hard
Sister -- Ending Easy/Normal/Hard
All Bosses -- /Easy/Normal/Hard

We also need to figure out how the hardware impacts the game in case of certain glitches/warps/skips.
We may need to separat PC/PS4/XOne/Switch then to keep it fair.


I've seen the amazing run from Koatal (20m44s)

Do you think it's necessary to make a distinction between All Glitches and No Major Glitches?

Just like:

Any% - Easy/Normal/Hard - AG/NMG

Any% Sisters Ending - Easy/Normal/Hard - AG/NMG

All Bosses - Easy/Normal/Hard - AG/NMG

I've practiced Salt and Sanctuary & Death's Gambit. I really like NMG run.


For anyone interested, here is the link to the run:

He breaks the game in several ways:

1: Using wrong warp to kill Brood Mother from behind.

2: Looks like tricking the game into using daggers whit axe damage (like the Dark Souls glitch?)

3: Using the slide glitch to basically skip world 2 completely except for the last 3 bosses.

After seeing this run, I think we should separate NMG and All Glitches.

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