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Forum: Flappy Golf

Thread: Contacting the mod?

Started by: PearPear

The FG community's most active on Discord now, if you can you should definitely use that.


Forum: Mario Kart Speed Strife

Thread: How do you download the game

Started by: version_01dversion_01d

I've seen a lot of sites and idk which ones can be trusted


Forum: Kash Dash

Thread: Im just gonna say 1:00 is possible

Started by: cjbppscjbpps

tas could probably do it


Forum: Marble Blast Ultra

Thread: Are PQ runs allowed?

Started by: version_01dversion_01d

I recently found PlatinumQuest and it has a section with all of the MBU levels. Would this count as an emulator, and are the runs I do on it allowed?



Forum: Marble Blast Gold

Thread: How do I add time to my levels' leaderboards

Started by: Savage_BrickSavage_Brick

You could try to find your times in the Application Support/MarbleBlast Gold section if you're using a Mac.


Forum: CTGP Revolution

Thread: Error in submitting my run (Blooper Cup)

Started by: version_01dversion_01d

It was meant to go to the Thundercloud Cup, can you change it?


Forum: Mario Kart Wii

Thread: Why there shouldn't be any more categories

Started by: flandersflanders

(edited: )

IMO, there shouldn't be IL runs added (we have mkwrs for that) and most novelty categories should go to Category Extensions.


Forum: Marble Blast Gold

Thread: A quick suggestion

Started by: version_01dversion_01d

Create categories for IL runs so we can see who has the best time in any level.

(For an example, see

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Forum: Super Stickman Golf 3

Thread: Rules??????

Started by: KeondibsKeondibs

@mbsmteam wait what they can do that


Forum: Super Stickman Golf 2

Thread: Question about my magnet grove run

Started by: version_01dversion_01d

It was supposed to be in the 'With Powerups' category, is it possible to move it there?


Forum: Super Stickman Golf 3

Thread: Missing DLC Course

Started by: version_01dversion_01d

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I was looking through the current list and noticed a DLC course was missing, Canyon Land.

I'll look through in more detail tonight if any more courses are missing.

Edit 1: Hazardberry Land's name is Hazardberry Hills


Forum: Super Stickman Golf 3

Thread: We've relaxed rules pertaining to audio

Started by: MsbmteamMsbmteam

I have an issue with this - QuickTime Player (for Mac, and yes it can be played there) can't record sounds from the same device. Is there a way to fix this?