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Howdy Buddy!
I am glad that you have a concern with the rules and did the right thing and asked ahead of time before submitting the run.

To clarify some rules, we do not allow suiciding because of the fact that a lot of games (including our own) disallow the developer console (The console you use to type it) so because of that it was banned way before the game was even thought of. Also, for the video settings. It is hard to say we all must have a gamma of 1.0 because of the fact of different monitors, enhancements ability, and other things. When you record with OBS so to say, it picks up what the monitor /wants/ it to pick up.

Also, for the footprints you ONLY have to set them to a minimum of Average, you can have them on unlimited amount if you choose too, but because we decided to not have the rule list wordy (aka need to ask ART to change the rule) you are allowed to have it set to unlimited amount. Just not none.

For the speedrunner mode thing, we use it for 2 very important things
1. It allows in-game time to be calculated without using things like livesplit and other things, which it also lets runner just load-and-play the game
2. It saves a huge amount of time verifying every run because of that fact.
Also you are allowed to pause in a run because we understand in those longer maps (unearthly excavation ext) that you may want to take a pause break, but please be considerate of the verifiers because they have to watch the whole video throughout and it wouldn't be fun watching 20 minutes of the pause menu.

With the highlight mode, it is a little bit of an advantage but we don't have a rule for it because it allows runners to have some freedom on how they want to run. It's like a minimum boundary we have set for the game mode. Some rules cannot be made because we do not want a massive argument to outbreak about it.

On the community discord (I highly recommend going to it because we do community rules and also have many things for admin-to-runner things) and it allows for you to ask frequent questions and see the different strats of the game. Most rules and even game modes are made from a community vote! I hope this response is helpful and if you have any further concerns or general questions I am more than glad to assist with answering them.

Hope to see you running soon ❤️


I'd also like to clarify that in game time pausing while the game is paused is an intended mechanic and is completely allowed, it's even utilized in some Low% runs a long with the minor speedboost by buffering inputs to allow you to choose exactly when to start rather than relying on when the game load-in starts you, and pausing doesn't work in co-op mode, at least one of the co-op runs has a solid 5 minute period where I had to go run and do something and we didn't want to abort the run 40 minutes in.

Console is completely disallowed because it's kinda a gray zone as this is a cleaning game, not a type things into the console commands simulator, and a line banning that should probably be added to the official rules document

I agree that the footprint thing should probably be added as well as a "greater than or equal to average" if anything, although I don't really see why you would want to make things more difficult for yourself by running on a higher setting, but ideally you shouldn't be leaving many or any footprints in a run anyways so it shouldn't be a very big deal either way

If we were to ban raising the gamma it would be perfectly possible and completely undetectable to just change your monitor or computers output gamma super high, and although it does make dark levels a bit easier its not as big of a change as you'd think, and honestly with some of the lighter blood such as in Paintenece Tunnels it can even be better to play with default or lower gamma. Ideally in a speedrun scenario you'd never use time to dispense lamps and be able to operate at any level of light, an example of this is in section 8, even though the fog renders the blood entirely invisible without a lamp, we know the spots the blood is placed in as well as how many clicks it requires it and clean it without the nearby lamp. This and highlights make the game a bit easier but gamma isn't really possible to be moderated and highlights are on by default, and banning something on by default would be... less than ideal. I would recommend having them on honestly as the way this game calculates what you're looking at is a bit strange and is more complicated than just being the center of the screen, this can be seen most easily by taping a crosshair to the middle of your screen and interacting with any of the punchomatic/dispenser/j-harm screens from different angles, as it depends on how far you are as well as your angle to the screen.

I do agree that something should probably be unified about physics settings because currently there isn't really any consensus on which is the best to run on, and it has the potential to make a huge difference, and I also think its a bit weird how footprints are set to average rather than whatever the default happens to be, so I guess those two especially warrant further discussion.

I really appreciate the attention to detail and I'm very glad to see a new face in the community, welcome and good luck on your runs 🙂


You can have unlimited footprints for sure, I like to run it that way too. We could clarify the rule to be "Average or higher" if you want.


Well the thing is, even if they did bind it to cheat right. Would it really be worth getting permanently banned from the website?