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Hello! Here's a guide on submissions:

+ Dates for the event are September 9th and 10th and this is an online marathon that will be hosted on my channel at . Last day to submit is August 19th. Schedule should be out the week after.

+ When submitting PLEASE include any availability (morning, afternoon, or evening and days of availability Sat or Sun with your time zone) as well as the resolution for your game (4:3, 16:9, or other) in the notes section.

+ These submissions are open to the public!

+ There is no theme for this event. So submit whatever you think will be fun to run.

+ Discord:

+ We are not raising any funds for this marathon. It's just a way to bring some of the community together and do a fun event!

+ We are running a Mystery Game Triathlon event. Four players will have the same 3 challenges from 3 different games to complete. The first to complete them all in order, wins! Want to have a chance to play? Here's the signup form:

+ Promotional banners for Twitch and Twitter:

+ Schedule:

If you have any questions you can post them on this forum or the Discord above.


This looks interesting! I might end up submitting, but I have two questions:
1. What's the difference between this and the other Valuethon? (Just out of curiosity. I am a bit confused about it).
2. Is there a limit on how long each run should be? I ask because there are some games that take several hours to run, and it'd be good to know whether those are allowed or not.


1. I attempted to reuse a page from our last marathon back in February, but we couldn't delete the old submissions and created a new page instead. That page didn't remove itself from the forum listing for some reason.

2. There is not a hard ceiling to the run length as it depends more on the game/commentary. That said, generally 1-2 hours is a good top end length to fit as many runs in as possible in the 2 days, but length is not the only factor. Basically, I'd submit what you think is fun and are comfortable running. 🙂

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Hey I just pulled a fat goof and didn't do what the second piece of info told me to in any submission. Sorry for the dump here, but Flywrench and GWYF are 16:9 while SpeedBob is 4:3, and availability is evening/late night Saturday and early morning/evening Sunday.

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if we can do races, pepsi and I talked and said we'd be down to race the spongebob plug and play Super Chum Bucket game. If not nevermind


sorry about not reading the instructions carefully. Both of my games are in 4:3 and I am available at any point.

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I would submit, but unless I manage to learn a new game on time (and actually get good at it), the only game I could really submit at the moment is around 6 hours long. xD


I forgot to post my availability when I submitted, so I'll do it here 8am -12pm JST 3pm-8pm JST. Both my games are 4:3 as well.

edit: I can be available earlier or later if needed.

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I forgot that I had a trip planned this weekend so I can't do my runs, I'm sorry. Please disregard my submissions.


No problem TheRedSock. Thanks for the update!
Thanks for the availability SMT!


Just wanted to clarify my Available Time in case that Time changes here and rip EDT time, and if I submit future runs:
Saturday & Sunday: 10:00 - 00:00 Chilean Time

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I assume that I could make any time work, since I'm CET I'd actually welcome one of those cruel 6-9 am EST slots as well.

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Gonna submit my availability just in case, Sep 9-10 11:00am - 18:00pm EST

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Thanks for the update on availability 😃


Edit to my submission (WaveLand Any%): 16:9 and available at all times except 4am-12pm on both days. Thanks!

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Submissons still open? if so where do i submit?


Edit: for my runs (if they get in) im from the Uk but i will be available Noon - 7pm GMT time which can be calculated to the time zone the event will be broadcast in