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It's no surprise that Jet Set Radio Future is no longer a beginner friendly speedgame, due to the ridiculous amount of hoops you have to jump through to simply be competitive. The amount of new runners is absolutely abysmal, because the vanilla game experience is basically discouraged, and all but made obsolete.

Speedrunning should be as simple and streamlined as possible, 99% of potential new runners are not going to download a million things just to speedrun a game they're not even completely invested in, they're going to get discouraged, and as a result, leave before they even start. The community is going to grow stagnant and many valuable and skilled new runners are going to pass up this absolute gem of a game due to the ruined state it's in.

The easy fix to this is to remove IGT from the primary Any% category, and make it a separate category or remove it entirely.

I invite all potential new runners lurking the forums here to like this post if you've felt discouraged seeing the sheer ridiculous amount of effort needed to simply run this game.

Something needs to change. Thanks for reading.

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