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First tip is genuinely useful (I still see runners losing time to staying on the first slot when mining stuff)

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Sort of:

thread: Rogue Soul 2
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Can someone explain how to do the sliding speed glitch? I can't seem to find a tutorial anywhere and I haven't been able to replicate it...

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Unfortunately that is a major run killer: you just have to get lucky with savanna villages/jungles

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Just realised that a much faster strat would be to reset for savanna villages (melons are too rare in jungles), get 28 hay bales and 12 melons (use stone tools, because killing the golem is too slow), then use those to get to a master level farmer: (for the first 10 trades, click them individually for the discount) 28 hay bales ---> 252 wheat 100 wheat ---> 5 emeralds 5 emeralds ---> 20 pumpkin pies/apples 152 wheat ---> 8 emeralds 4 emeralds ---> 16 pumpkin pies/apples 12 melons ---> 4 emeralds 8 emeralds ---> 8 sus stew/cake You actually only need to spend 7 emeralds to lvl them up, but it is easier just to shift click (also selling 1 emeralds worth less wheat won't work!).

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This is a category suggestion: get a villager to master level. I have found that the easiest way this is to use a mason like so:

Collect 60 clay and 76 stone. 60 clay ---> 6 emeralds = Apprentice^ 4 emeralds ---> 4 chiselled stone^ 76 stone ---> 4 emeralds = Journeyman Collect 60 diorite/granite/andesite^^ 60 diorite/granite/andesite ---> 4 emeralds = Expert 10 emeralds ---> 10 terracotta = Master ^ For these trades, you need to click them individually to get the stone discount. ^^ The mason will have 2 journeyman trades, and there is a 5/7 chance that at least 1 of them will be a stone variant.

After not too long I got a sub 10, but this category can certainly be pushed much further with better smelting efficiency, mechanics and village proximity.

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I've submitted a run in the Kill Warden SS category well over a month ago and it still hasn't been verified. Is this just because it is a category that nobody cares about, or are they just too busy verifying more important runs?

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This could get very interesting, because you would have to work out what the best language is, and possibly switch languages mid run

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Is it allowed to use a resource pack that changes the normal splash texts to speedrunning splash texts?

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If that run doesn't count because of the lag, I got a lag free 450ms run here: (run starts at 2:47)

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