Wet-Nurse Yellowbellies-r-us Bringest them Oneth Smite-Meister Black Plague
Episode 1: City of the Damned

6m 22s
6th place
6m 56s
3rd place
Episode 2: Hell's Maw

5m 44s
4th place
6m 09s
2nd place
Episode 3: The Dome of D'Sparil

7m 07s
2nd place

Episode 4: The Ossuary

9m 26s
3rd place

Episode 5: The Stagnant Demesne

9m 59s
3rd place

  Clear Collectibles B-Side C-Side
Forsaken City 1m 07s 898ms
226th place

1m 49s 956ms
40th place
0m 26s 775ms
27th place
Old Site 1m 59s 102ms
177th place