Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
  Sonic Shadow Silver Extra
Wave Ocean 1m 57s 410ms
6th place, 7th place, 8th place, 4th place
1m 31s 205ms
6th place, 2nd place

Dusty Desert 0m 57s 499ms
5th place, 2nd place, 6th place
1m 42s 757ms
7th place, 4th place

White Acropolis 1m 09s 150ms
3rd place, 3rd place, 2nd place, 3rd place
1m 59s 777ms
6th place, 3rd place

Crisis City 3m 11s 880ms
5th place, 4th place, 3rd place

Flame Core 2m 18s 760ms
3rd place, 4th place, 1st place

Radical Train 1m 39s 790ms
4th place, 3rd place, 2nd place

Tropical Jungle 1m 33s 238ms
3rd place, 2nd place

Kingdom Valley 3m 41s 573ms
5th place, 3rd place, 4th place

Aquatic Base 2m 56s 467ms
6th place, 5th place, 1st place
1m 09s 400ms
2nd place

Egg Cerberus 0m 25s 583ms
2nd place

Egg Genesis 0m 50s 499ms
3rd place

Egg Wyvern 3m 08s 131ms
4th place

Silver the Hedgehog 0m 15s 899ms
2nd place

Iblis Phase 2 2m 14s 111ms
2nd place

Mephiles Phase 2
1m 37s 573ms
2nd place

Boss Attack 6m 17s 043ms
1st place

Mission 1 0m 11s 216ms
3rd place, 4th place
0m 18s 433ms
1st place

Mission 2 0m 10s 099ms
1st place
0m 31s 699ms
1st place

Mission 3 0m 30s 433ms
6th place
0m 33s 049ms
1st place

Mission 4
0m 29s 899ms
1st place

Mission 5 0m 01s 299ms
5th place
0m 14s 233ms
2nd place

Mission 7 0m 17s 299ms
1st place
0m 52s 932ms
1st place

Mission 8 1m 10s 506ms
1st place

Mission 9
1m 10s 717ms
1st place

Mission 10 0m 21s 524ms
1st place
0m 02s 383ms
1st place

Mission 11 0m 39s 232ms
1st place, 2nd place
0m 28s 816ms
2nd place

Mission 12 0m 17s 783ms
2nd place, 2nd place

Mission 13
0m 34s 332ms
1st place

Mission 14
0m 21s 733ms
1st place

Mission 15 0m 05s 566ms
1st place
0m 51s 716ms
2nd place

Mission 18 0m 08s 766ms
1st place, 1st place

Mission 19 0m 32s 766ms
2nd place

Mission 20 0m 02s 249ms
1st place, 1st place