United Kingdom

Super Mario Flash
  Glitches Glitchless
Level 1 (Land) 0m 30s 300ms
16th place
0m 30s 300ms
22nd place
Super Mario Flash 2
Level 1 (Land) 0m 26s 653ms
5th place
Level 2 (Athletic) 0m 29s 153ms
3rd place
Happy Wheels
  Flash / Mobile JavaScript
JETBOY-X-TREME 0m 30s 730ms
3rd place

Rope Swings 0m 04s 830ms
10th place

  Game Rounds Bonus Rounds
Round 1 0m 04s 200ms
1st place

Round 2 0m 04s 440ms
1st place

Round 3 0m 04s 240ms
1st place

Round 4 0m 04s 500ms
1st place

The World's Hardest Game
  Start to Finish
Level 1 0m 04s 066ms
23rd place
The Simpsons: Hit & Run
  All Story Missions 100% Any% All Story Missions (NG+) No Mission Skips/Warps All Tasks NLR
Level 1 14m 55s
75th place

10m 52s
17th place

Sneak Thief
Tutorial 0m 06s
1st place
Home Invasion 0m 13s
3rd place
Sonic the Hedgehog 2
  Sonic Knuckles
Emerald Hill 1 0m 20s
9th place
0m 20s
6th place
GoldenEye 007
  Agent Secret Agent 00 Agent
Dam 0m 53s
21st place

Facility 0m 57s
7th place

Runway 0m 28s
7th place

Surface I 1m 11s
7th place

Bunker I 0m 27s
9th place