Any% Highest Grade
Djimmi The Great 0m 59s
8th place

Dr. Kahl's Robot 0m 16s
13th place

Super Smash Bros. Brawl
  Any% NG+ 100%
The Jungle 2m 23s
2nd place

The Lake 4m 14s
4th place

The Ruined Zoo 4m 25s
3rd place

The Battlefield Fortress 4m 16s
4th place

The Swamp 4m 45s
3rd place

Battleship Halberd Interior 3m 13s
2nd place

The Subspace Bomb Factory II 5m 49s
3rd place

Subspace I 1m 56s
5th place

The Great Maze 29m 47s
2nd place

A Hat in Time
  Any% Any% No Optional Badges 2 Character
Nyakuza Metro - Yellow Overpass Station 0m 16s 150ms
1st place