Super Mario Galaxy
  RTA (Mario) Single Stars (Mario) RTA (Luigi) Single Stars (Luigi)
Gateway Galaxy
4m 23s 750ms
1st place
8m 43s
3rd place
3m 08s 820ms
1st place, 1st place
Good Egg Galaxy

0m 24s 690ms
4th place, 2nd place, 3rd place, 2nd place, 5th place, 4th place
Honeyhive Galaxy

0m 37s 740ms
4th place, 3rd place, 1st place, 3rd place, 2nd place
Loopdeloop Galaxy

2m 13s 400ms
7th place

Flipswitch Galaxy

0m 35s 230ms
6th place

Bowser Jr.'s Robot Reactor

2m 13s 950ms
5th place

Sweet Sweet Galaxy

1m 03s 530ms
9th place

Space Junk Galaxy

1m 23s 700ms
1st place
Battlerock Galaxy

2m 54s 190ms
2nd place, 3rd place, 2nd place, 2nd place, 2nd place, 2nd place
Sling Pod Galaxy

0m 47s 140ms
3rd place

Ghostly Galaxy

1m 56s 560ms
3rd place
Freezeflame Galaxy

2m 00s 400ms
1st place
  Any% V Rank
Space Station 2 1m 47s
8th place

The Laboratory 1m 04s
7th place

The Warp Zone 1m 03s
7th place

The Final Level 1m 46s
7th place

  Clear Collectibles B-Side C-Side
Forsaken City 1m 39s 229ms
291st place

Old Site 3m 01s 271ms
97th place

Celestial Resort 8m 59s 036ms
49th place

Golden Ridge 6m 14s 051ms
48th place

Mirror Temple 9m 12s 551ms
33rd place

Reflection 11m 39s 329ms
40th place

Undertale Category Extensions
  Any% NG+
Ruins 7m 06s 300ms
7th place

Super Mario Odyssey
  Any% World Peace
Cap Kingdom 2m 34s
38th place

Cascade Kingdom 2m 54s
13th place

Sand Kingdom 4m 50s
15th place

Lake Kingdom 2m 22s
12th place

Wooded Kingdom 6m 16s
19th place

Cloud Kingdom 1m 23s
8th place

Lost Kingdom 2m 26s
11th place

Seaside Kingdom 3m 13s
13th place

Ruined Kingdom 2m 38s
11th place

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
  Individual Class Trials (NG+) Individual Chapters (NG+)
Chapter 1 6m 46s
8th place, 1st place

  Any% All Mementos
Denial 7m 46s
7th place

Anger 18m 25s
9th place