A Story About My Uncle
  NoFling Fling BindFling

0m 14s 830ms
6th place

0m 56s 120ms
3rd place
Star Haven

1m 19s 760ms
4th place
  Any% Highest Grade
Cagney Carnation 11h 19m 57s
34th place

Skullgirls Encore
  Story Mode Any% (Sleepwalk) Story Mode Any% (Nightmare)
Beowulf 4m 12s
2nd place

Painwheel 2m 58s
1st place

Squigly 3m 53s
1st place

Hollow Knight
White Palace 3m 53s
3rd place
Pantheon of the Sage 9m 10s
7th place
Hollow Knight Category Extensions
  Slow Fast
King's Pass
0m 08s 520ms
2nd place