The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  Any% No Major Glitches 100%
Dueling Peaks Shrines 0m 13s 630ms
7th place

Eldin Shrines 0m 13s 500ms
4th place, 4th place

Faron Shrines 0m 10s 830ms
5th place, 9th place
0m 10s 833ms
4th place

Gerudo Shrines 0m 09s 233ms
4th place

Ridgeland Shrines 0m 07s 360ms
2nd place, 8th place, 7th place
0m 03s 367ms
6th place

Tabantha Shrines 0m 08s 730ms
8th place
0m 08s 733ms
1st place

Wasteland Shrines 0m 11s 530ms
6th place
0m 16s 033ms
2nd place

Daruk's Song Shrines 0m 26s 400ms
3rd place

Revali's Song Shrines 0m 13s 100ms
3rd place, 2nd place