Inbounds Out of Bounds Glitchless
00-01 1m 59s 820ms
7th place

10 0m 22s 020ms
2nd place
0m 22s 020ms
2nd place

16 0m 23s 400ms
8th place

19 0m 17s 325ms
5th place

Adv 15 0m 43s 770ms
3rd place

Adv 16 0m 27s 660ms
2nd place

  Any% P Rank NoMo
1-4: Clair De Lune 0m 18s 220ms
7th place

2-1: Bridgeburner 0m 11s 257ms
4th place

2-4: Court Of The Corpse King 0m 39s 240ms
3rd place