Any Difficulty Solo Any Difficulty Co-op DW and Above Solo DW and Above Co-op
Aftershock 10m 55s
5th place

The Alesso Heist 7m 33s
2nd place, 4th place

The Biker Heist 10m 08s
2nd place

Brooklyn 10-10 6m 01s
1st place

Cook Off 9m 44s
6th place, 2nd place

Cursed Kill Room 1m 51s
5th place

Election Day 2m 27s
13th place, 9th place

Framing Frame

7m 33s
7th place, 2nd place

GO Bank 0m 31s
17th place

0m 31s
11th place

Heat Street 9m 58s
3rd place

Mallcrasher 2m 43s
11th place

Nightclub 1m 52s
15th place

Panic Room 11m 15s
3rd place

Rats 6m 52s
6th place

16m 53s
5th place

Safe House Raid 13m 03s
6th place, 4th place

Slaughter House 10m 02s
3rd place

Transport: Train Heist 3m 43s
5th place, 2nd place

14m 38s
5th place, 2nd place, 2nd place

Undercover 7m 35s
3rd place

Immortal Redneck
1. Pyramid 6m 24s
1st place
2. Pyramid 15m 15s
2nd place
3. Pyramid 19m 57s
2nd place