Any Difficulty Solo Any Difficulty Co-op DW and Above Solo DW and Above Co-op
Boiling Point 7m 47s
4th place

Rocket League
  Rookie Pro All-Star
Aerial Training 1m 37s 133ms
5th place

Quantum of Solace
  PC Console
White's Estate 3m 05s
1st place

Siena 3m 47s
1st place

Opera House 3m 44s
1st place

Sink Hole 3m 00s
1st place

Shanty Town 0m 44s
1st place

Construction Site 1m 31s
1st place

Science Center Exterior 3m 09s
1st place

  WON Steam PS2
We've Got Hostiles
0m 10s 637ms
1st place

Power Up
0m 06s 847ms
1st place

2m 26s 429ms
1st place

Questionable Ethics
1m 16s 623ms
1st place

Lambda Core
2m 21s 138ms
1st place

0m 31s 986ms
1st place

Sword With Sauce
  Normal Ninja Survivor
Mansion 0m 24s
7th place
1m 02s
1st place

1m 52s
1st place

Temple 0m 56s
2nd place

  FrostRunner IceBreaker
Tether 5 | Cadence 0m 06s 742ms
3rd place