The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  Any% No Major Glitches 100%
Footrace 0m 52s 170ms
14th place

Test of Wood 0m 44s 380ms
6th place

Central Shrines 0m 10s 767ms
13th place, 12th place, 8th place
0m 23s 833ms
8th place, 8th place

Dueling Peaks Shrines 0m 15s 380ms
9th place
0m 15s 500ms
6th place

Eldin Shrines 0m 18s 890ms
6th place
0m 18s 967ms
3rd place

Hateno Shrines 0m 08s 633ms
8th place, 5th place

Lanayru Shrines 0m 12s 240ms
5th place
0m 12s 433ms
4th place
0m 20s 350ms
3rd place
Ridgeland Shrines 0m 12s 680ms
5th place
0m 12s 833ms
4th place