Not Another Needle Game
  Stage Time
Stage 1 1m 18s 180ms
8th place
Luigi's Revenge Interactive
  1.1 1.0
Courtyard 0m 38s 440ms
2nd place

Entryway 0m 22s 740ms
2nd place

Bowser's Castle 0m 53s 830ms
2nd place

The Day The Noobs Took Over Roblox 2
  Any% Glitchless
Chapter 1
1m 06s 660ms
2nd place
Juke's Towers of Hell
  Glitchless Glitches Coils Event items
Tower of Killjoys
3m 20s 540ms
4th place


0m 05s 990ms
2nd place
Super Paper Roblox
  Any% 100%
Chapter 1 1m 16s
1st place

Chapter 5 1m 05s
1st place

Minions Adventure Obby: Despicable Forces
  Any% Speed Coil% Gravity Coil% Both Coils% Infinite Boost%
Mel Space 1m 07s 030ms
1st place