Individual Level Steam Early Access
100 Coins - Cozy Canyon
2m 19s 792ms
1st place
100 Coins - Mount Magma
1m 38s 819ms
1st place
A Hat in Time
  Any% Any% No Optional Badges 2 Character
Battle of the Birds - Picture Perfect 0m 55s 970ms
8th place

Battle of the Birds - The Big Parade 4m 07s 260ms
9th place

Subcon Forest - Queen Vanessa's Manor 1m 51s 400ms
18th place

A Hat in Time Workshop
Beta Hero Challenge 3m 09s 110ms
3rd place
Her Dream 5m 05s 300ms
2nd place
Platform Peril 0m 34s 800ms
1st place
Subcon Castle 2m 09s 610ms
3rd place