Grand Theft Auto V
  Any% 100%
Street Race: City Circuit 2m 42s
8th place

Off-Road Race: Ridge Run 1m 07s
5th place

Off-Road Race: Eco Friendly 1m 53s
4th place

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Rub Out 0m 43s
10th place
Messing with the Man 0m 09s
4th place
Grand Theft Auto IV
  Completion Time Fastest Lap (Multiplayer Races Only)
Bomb Da Base II - 2 players 5m 23s 830ms
2nd place

Bomb Da Base II - 4 players 4m 37s 400ms
1st place

Deal Breaker - 2 players 6m 36s 620ms
2nd place

Hangman's NOOSE - 2 players 2m 24s 850ms
2nd place

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
  Finish Finish (Emulator)
Snappy Dresser
3m 50s
2nd place
Big Rumble in Little China
0m 41s
2nd place
No Son of Mine
0m 34s
2nd place
The Made Man
1m 56s
1st place
Grand Theft Auto III
  Finish Mission
Cipriani's Chauffeur 1m 31s
4th place
Kanbu Bust-out 1m 05s
3rd place
Paparazzi Purge 0m 11s
4th place
The Getaway 1m 38s
5th place
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number
  Normal ILs Hard Mode ILS
Homicide 0m 28s 149ms
16th place

Moving Up 1m 17s 466ms
7th place

Execution 0m 28s 899ms
7th place

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
  Individual Class Trials (NG+) Individual Chapters (NG+)
Chapter 5 8m 09s
16th place