There Is No Game
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Nothing in This Title
0m 54s 910ms
3rd place

Ball Minigame
1m 01s 560ms
4th place

Super Mario 64 Online
  Single Star Stage RTA Stage RTA (Multi SC)
Cool, Cool Mountain 0m 13s 030ms
7th place, 8th place

Lethal Lava Land 0m 17s 530ms
7th place

Super Dangerous Dungeons
  Level time
Grass 1 0m 03s 510ms
1st place
Grass 2 0m 11s 840ms
2nd place
Grass 5 0m 09s 250ms
2nd place
Grass 6 0m 09s 730ms
1st place
Grass 7 0m 10s 830ms
1st place
Grass 8 0m 11s 170ms
2nd place
Grass 10 0m 06s 440ms
2nd place
Water 1 0m 10s 390ms
3rd place
LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga (PC/Console)
  Story Mode Story Mode (Co-Op) Story Mode (Mobile) Free Play Free Play (Co-Op) Free Play (Mobile) Challenge Mode (Solo) Challenge Mode (Co-Op) Challenge Mode (Mobile)

1m 26s
3rd place

Invasion of Naboo

2m 03s
2nd place

Escape from Naboo

1m 44s
3rd place

Mos Espa Podrace

3m 05s
3rd place

Darth Maul

3m 30s
2nd place