Hot Lava
  Any% Buddy Mode All Checkpoints Boostless
Intro 0m 20s 760ms
9th place

Playground Pogo 1 0m 19s 624ms
5th place

School Pogo Trial 1 0m 30s 310ms
20th place

School Pogo Trial 2 0m 28s 339ms
9th place

Wholesale Pogo Trial 1 0m 43s 732ms
10th place

Cat Burglar: A Tail of Purrsuit
  Any% 100% Low% Dogos
Level 2 0m 35s 360ms
1st place

Level 3 0m 42s 130ms
1st place

Level 4 0m 46s 100ms
1st place

Level 5 0m 58s 060ms
1st place

Level 6 1m 01s 640ms
1st place

Level 7 1m 08s 320ms
1st place

Animal Super Squad
  Clear Recommended only clear 100% Clear
El Legendo Begins 2m 05s
2nd place

Backlash 0m 08s
2nd place

Cutlery cuts 0m 30s
2nd place

Medium hard kopter level 0m 20s
2nd place

Super Mario Odyssey
Cap Kingdom 2m 55s
91st place
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!
  In-game time
Glass Joe 0m 42s
1st place
Super Mario Maker 2
A Downhill Battle 0m 17s
1st place
ON/OFF Switch Research Expedition 0m 45s
14th place
Swinging Claw Ropes Course 0m 20s
12th place
Dash On, Dash Off 0m 24s
6th place
Super Responsible Parent
  Finish% Fastest Death
Level 1 0m 01s 912ms
1st place

Level 2 0m 07s 566ms
2nd place
0m 10s 263ms
2nd place
Level 3 0m 04s 367ms
2nd place

Level 4 0m 04s 633ms
2nd place

Level 5 0m 04s 816ms
2nd place

Level 6 0m 05s 348ms
2nd place

Level 7 0m 07s 617ms
2nd place

Level 8 0m 09s 982ms
2nd place

Level 9 0m 15s 050ms
2nd place

Level 10 0m 10s 916ms
1st place

Level 11 0m 16s 034ms
2nd place

  Clear Collectibles B-Side C-Side
Forsaken City 1m 29s 199ms
437th place

4m 22s 055ms
44th place

Mirror Temple 7m 11s 511ms
48th place

Hitman 2
  SA SA/SO Any%

1m 18s
3rd place, 1st place
Heave Ho
  Full Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
The Mountain Run
0m 05s 100ms
3rd place

Human Fall Flat Workshop
  Any% All Checkpoints
Intermediate 1m 07s 250ms
1st place

Island Hopper 1m 00s 833ms
1st place
1m 17s 267ms
1st place
Slime Rancher Category Extensions
  All Gordos
Indigo Quarry 5m 43s
1st place