Splatoon 2
Return of the Octarians (01) 1m 31s
32nd place
Welcome to Octopia (02) 1m 37s
7th place
Sunset Octocopter (03) 1m 05s
10th place
Industrial Toast (Boss1) 1m 10s
7th place
Enter the Octohurler (04) 1m 21s
8th place
The Octopark (05) 1m 37s
8th place
Octozeppelin Invasion (06) 1m 02s
7th place
Back-Alley Cleanup (07) 1m 37s
3rd place
Spinning Campground (08) 1m 17s
23rd place
Octoling Strike (09) 0m 34s
13th place
The Showdown (Boss2) 0m 43s
92nd place
Octoseeker Shakedown (10) 1m 41s
6th place
The Floating Garden (11) 2m 11s
16th place
Octo-Resort Spring (12) 1m 14s
8th place
Dancing Floors (13) 1m 29s
4th place
Parking Garage (14) 1m 44s
5th place
Octoling Assault (15) 0m 46s
17th place
Lips for Days (Boss3) 0m 59s
8th place
Secret Bowling Alley (16) 1m 21s
10th place
Octocommander Fortress (17) 1m 44s
20th place
Towering Heights (18) 2m 26s
21st place
The Experimentorium (19) 2m 28s
4th place
Propellerland (20) 2m 05s
15th place
Octolings Ahoy! (21) 0m 56s
25th place
Sanitizarium (Boss4) 1m 08s
50th place
Underground Expressway (22) 1m 44s
5th place
The Octogalaxy (23) 1m 50s
6th place
Transfer Junction (24) 1m 24s
5th place
Platform Madhouse (25) 1m 38s
9th place
Paradise Lanes (26) 1m 24s
11th place
Octoling Workout (27) 0m 39s
6th place
Bomb Rush Blush (Boss5) 4m 20s
5th place