Wave Race 64
  3 Lap 1 Lap Reverse
Sunny Beach 1m 05s 459ms
55th place
0m 20s 883ms
44th place

Sunset Bay 1m 10s 284ms
53rd place
0m 21s 249ms
35th place

Drake Lake 1m 15s 517ms
58th place
0m 24s 240ms
35th place

Southern Island 1m 18s 912ms
49th place
0m 24s 467ms
29th place

  Freeware Steam
World 7
0m 28s 040ms
3rd place
Super Smash Bros.
  Very Easy 5 Stock Normal 3 Stock Very Hard 1 Stock Break the Targets Board the Platforms
Luigi 11m 14s
2nd place

Mario 10m 28s 850ms
3rd place

Donkey Kong 7m 44s
4th place

Link 9m 54s 050ms
2nd place

Captain Falcon 8m 40s 260ms
2nd place

Ness 10m 32s
2nd place

Yoshi 10m 36s
3rd place

Kirby 9m 43s 860ms
2nd place

Fox 10m 19s
3rd place

Pikachu 9m 30s 370ms
2nd place