BattleBlock Theater
  Any% No Level Skips Any% All Levels 100% Any% No Level Skips Co-Op Any% Co-Op All Levels Co-Op 100% Co-Op
Chapter 1

14m 43s
2nd place

Chapter 2

17m 32s
2nd place

Sonic Forces
  Normal Super Sonic
Egg Gate 1m 21s 510ms
20th place

Luminous Forest 1m 18s 700ms
20th place

Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space
  Singleplayer Co-op
Time Sweepers Round 1 2m 16s 700ms
3rd place

Time Sweepers Round 4 4m 20s 300ms
1st place

Time Sweepers Round 5 3m 22s 760ms
1st place

Tom Tom Gang Round 3 4m 30s 360ms
2nd place