Marble Saga: Kororinpa
  The Empty Lot Neighbor’s House Sizzlin’ Desert Chill Mountain Ocean Treasure Space Station Stump Temple Candy Island Haunted House City Hudson Row 1 Hudson Row 2 Balance Board World 1 Balance Board World 2 Balance Board World 3 Tutorial
1 0m 01s 860ms
1st place

0m 09s 490ms
1st place

8 0m 12s 800ms
2nd place, 1st place

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (PC)
  Any% 100% Glitchless
2m 43s 290ms
4th place

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
  Mission Hunter Rush Polterpup Surprise
A-2 4m 07s
4th place

A-3 1m 36s
7th place

25F Hard
22m 05s
1st place

Luigi's Mansion Arcade
Gloomy Manor 8m 08s
1st place
Old Clockworks 9m 50s
1st place
Treacherous Mansion 7m 31s
1st place