Any% Highest Grade
The Root Pack
0m 54s
8th place
Goopy Le Grande
1m 18s
6th place
Hilda Berg 1m 12s
8th place
1m 34s
4th place
Cagney Carnation
1m 12s
4th place
Baroness Von Bon Bon
1m 15s
4th place
Djimmi The Great 2m 07s
5th place, 5th place

Grim Matchstick 2m 17s
5th place
0m 58s
2nd place, 5th place
Wally Warbles 2m 29s
7th place, 4th place

Rumor Honeybottoms
1m 13s
4th place, 3rd place
Sally Stageplay
1m 22s
1st place, 3rd place
Cala Maria 1m 52s
7th place

King Dice 3m 42s
5th place
2m 53s
5th place
  Clear Collectibles B-Side C-Side
Forsaken City 1m 41s 048ms
612th place