Any Difficulty Solo Any Difficulty Co-op DW and Above Solo DW and Above Co-op
Bank Heist: Cash 5m 26s
37th place

Bank Heist: Random 5m 22s
8th place

Stealing Xmas 6m 18s
6th place

Ukrainian Job 0m 20s
18th place

Left 4 Dead
  Solo Co-op Individual Maps
Crash Course 9m 04s
7th place

Destiny 2 Story
  Solo Duo Fireteam
Poor Reception (Adventure) 5m 34s
4th place

Stop and Go (Adventure) 4m 12s
5th place

Exodus Siege (Adventure) 3m 28s
3rd place

Killing Floor
  1P 2P 3P 4P 5P 6P
West London, Beginner, Short 2m 58s
7th place