Any Difficulty Solo Any Difficulty Co-op DW and Above Solo DW and Above Co-op
Aftershock 13m 31s
19th place, 5th place

13m 31s
4th place, 2nd place

The Alesso Heist 14m 17s
10th place, 5th place

14m 17s
5th place, 1st place

Big Oil 10m 56s
3rd place, 2nd place

10m 56s
4th place, 2nd place

Car Shop

3m 20s
14th place

Counterfeit 8m 53s
7th place, 3rd place

8m 53s
5th place, 2nd place


12m 11s
4th place, 1st place

Four Stores

3m 16s
6th place, 1st place

Hotline Miami

21m 31s
1st place, 5th place

Jewelry Store

4m 39s
12th place, 7th place


11m 23s
5th place

Murky Station 1m 54s
7th place

1m 54s
6th place

Transport: Train Heist

13m 00s
4th place, 1st place

Ukrainian Job

3m 17s
13th place, 5th place


10m 14s
2nd place, 5th place

Watchdogs 9m 35s
1st place, 3rd place

9m 35s
2nd place, 1st place

White Xmas

6m 16s
7th place, 5th place