Rayman (GBC)
  Any% All Cages
Spellbound Forest 3m 58s
1st place

Airy Tunes 4m 19s
2nd place

Rainy Forest 3m 02s
1st place

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (PC)
  Any% 100% Glitchless
Demo 1m 39s 950ms
10th place

Sly 2: Band of Thieves
  Any% 100%
Episode 1 38m 06s
93rd place

Episode 4 49m 46s
33rd place

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
  1-Player 2-Players 3-Players 4-Players
Harvest 'Shroom 0m 43s
1st place

Farm Aid 0m 58s
1st place

Prescription Pick-Up 0m 03s
1st place

My Lord's Errand 0m 34s
2nd place

Bear Trap 0m 49s
2nd place

A Royal Pain 0m 50s
1st place

Poison Control 4m 07s
2nd place

Grudge Match: Lagombi 1m 59s
2nd place

Online: [Advanced] Qurupeco Chorus

4m 54s
1st place
Online: [Advanced] Forest Fracas

6m 12s
1st place
Online: [Advanced] Diablos Three

6m 01s
1st place
Online: Abyssal Awakening

1m 32s
1st place
  NG+ Amiibo
Squish, Squash, Smash (Boss1)
0m 54s 500ms
3rd place
Monster Hunter Generations
  1 Player 2 Players 3 Players 4 Players
Village 3★ - Royal Spit Take 1m 51s
3rd place

Village 3★ - Current Events 1m 46s
1st place

Village 6★ - The Fated Four 16m 27s
8th place

Guild 2★ - Ahoy! Royal Ludroth!

2m 36s
1st place