New Super Mario Bros.
  Any% 100%
1-1 0m 41s
161st place

1-2 1m 09s
34th place

1-3 1m 13s
87th place

1-Tower 1m 34s
18th place

1-4 0m 51s
36th place

Unfair Mario
  Level leaderboard
Level 1 2m 55s
3rd place
Cat Mario
  Individual Level
Level 1 5m 49s
25th place
Happy Wheels
AnotherDIMENSION 2.1 4m 52s 670ms
6th place
BMX_Park II 0m 32s 100ms
18th place
string 1m 04s 730ms
9th place
Portal 2
  Single Player Single Player - SLA Coop
Chapter 1 - The Courtesy Call 23m 07s
26th place

Super Mario 64 DS
  Yoshi Mario Luigi Wario
BoB: Footrace with Koopa the Quick
1m 40s
13th place

WF: Chip off Whomp's Block
1m 56s
9th place

Super Mr. Krabs
1-1 0m 00s 348ms
1st place
The Stanley Parable
  Saves Not Used Saves Used
Countdown 8m 25s
11th place