A Hat in Time
  Any% Any% No Optional Badges 2 Character
Battle of the Birds - Time Rift - Dead Bird Studio 2m 09s 920ms
9th place

Super Mario Galaxy 2
  All Stars Normal Stars Green Stars Individual Stars
Sky Station Galaxy

0m 26s 250ms
4th place
Cosmic Cove Galaxy

1m 50s 760ms
2nd place, 2nd place
Cloudy Court Galaxy 9m 03s
1st place
5m 12s
2nd place
3m 16s
2nd place

Starshine Beach Galaxy

1m 08s 580ms
3rd place
Chompworks Galaxy

0m 51s 200ms
3rd place
Melty Monster Galaxy

1m 05s 660ms
4th place
Clockwork Ruins Galaxy

2m 03s 680ms
2nd place
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