Star Revenge 8: Scepter of Hope
  Single Stars Stage RTA
Springpath Valley 0m 19s 600ms
5th place, 3rd place

Sanzu River Fields 0m 25s 700ms
1st place, 1st place, 2nd place, 1st place, 1st place

Abandoned Graveyard 0m 53s 130ms
2nd place, 1st place

Splatoon 2
Welcome to Octopia (02) 1m 55s
25th place
The Showdown (Boss2) 0m 42s
32nd place

Picross S
  1 Player 2 Player
Key 0m 02s
3rd place

Silk Hat 0m 02s
3rd place

Cupcake 0m 03s
2nd place

  Any% 100% anything goes any% anything goes hundo
Head Cheese (E1M1)
0m 47s 890ms
1st place

Down On The Farm (E1M2) 0m 24s 870ms
2nd place, 1st place

Through The Gate (E1M8) 0m 14s 340ms
1st place

Ghost Town (E1M9) 0m 27s 890ms
1st place

Creations (E1M10) 0m 12s 690ms
1st place
0m 27s 210ms
2nd place

The Grainery (E2M1) 0m 20s 590ms
1st place