Any% 100%
Somewhere in France 3m 49s 950ms
2nd place

Burnout 3: Takedown
  No OB OB
Kings of the Road Westbound 1m 57s 360ms
4th place, 1st place

Kings of the Road Eastbound 1m 48s 700ms
1st place

Mountain Parkway Eastbound 2m 03s 860ms
3rd place, 1st place

Riviera Northbound 0m 57s 770ms
1st place

Riviera Southbound 0m 58s
1st place

DiRT 3
  Rally Rallycross Trailblazer Landrush Head to Head Gymkhana Drift Showcase
Finland: Mutanen 1m 19s 974ms
1st place

Penny & Lenny! 0m 55s 760ms
4th place
Spies In Bitterland 2m 55s 050ms
1st place
A Mysterious Call Part 1 1m 09s
1st place
Muumit ja Taikurin hattu
  Get the ruby piece
Fillyjonk's House 2m 42s
1st place
  Pin Pin Hard Place the Labels Type
Finland: Cities 0m 12s
3rd place

Finland: Regions 0m 17s
1st place