SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell
  Any% 100% Any% Teleport Any% Antigravity Any% Platform Any% Roar Any% Rocket 100% Teleport 100% Antigravity 100% Platform 100% Roar 100% Rocket
Floor 2 1m 28s 280ms
11th place

Floor 3 2m 13s 914ms
5th place

Serious Sam: The Second Encounter
  Any% Tourist Any% Normal Any% Serious Max% Co-op
Sierra de Chiapas
2m 58s
1st place

2m 27s
3rd place, 2nd place, 1st place
Valley of the Jaguar

2m 16s
1st place
The City of the Gods

2m 20s
1st place
Serpent Yards

1m 17s
1st place
The Pit

1m 40s
1st place

1m 34s
2nd place, 1st place
The Elephant Atrium

1m 29s
1st place
Courtyards of Gilgamesh

1m 25s
1st place
Tower of Babel

2m 52s
2nd place, 1st place
The Citadel

1m 09s
1st place
Land of the Damned

1m 35s
2nd place, 1st place
The Grand Cathedral

3m 09s
2nd place
Serious Sam Classics: Revolution
  1P COOP 1P All Secrets COOP All Secrets
The Citadel 0m 54s
1st place

Serious Sam: The First Encounter
  Tourist/Easy Normal Serious Max% Co-op

0m 26s
3rd place, 1st place
Moon Mountains

0m 42s
1st place

0m 28s
1st place

6m 35s
2nd place
Alley of the Sphinxes

1m 18s
1st place

1m 25s
1st place
Sacred Yards

0m 41s
1st place
The Great Pyramid

3m 59s
1st place