Super Mario Maker 2
A Downhill Battle 0m 17s
1st place
New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe
Acorn Plains 1 0m 49s
1st place
0m 21s
1st place
Acorn Plains 3
0m 21s
2nd place
Sparkling Waters 1 1m 05s
1st place

Sparkling Castle: Larry Koopa 2m 34s
1st place, 1st place

Skylanders: Imaginators
  Any% All Stars
Chapter 1: Cradle of Creation 5m 09s
2nd place

Splatoon 2
Return of the Octarians (01) 1m 47s
143rd place
The Octopark (05) 2m 10s
56th place
The Showdown (Boss2) 0m 41s
27th place
Octoling Assault (15) 1m 09s
26th place
Bomb Rush Blush (Boss5) 6m 19s
99th place
Super Mario Odyssey
Cap Kingdom 2m 36s
63rd place
Cascade Kingdom 3m 41s
8th place
Wooded Kingdom 8m 07s
9th place