Super Mario Galaxy 2
  All Stars Normal Stars Green Stars Individual Stars
Supermassive Galaxy

4m 30s 400ms
5th place
Wii Party
  1 Player 1 Player Multiple Controllers 2 Players
Channel Changers 0m 03s 330ms
8th place

Google Snake Game
  25 Apples 50 Apples 100 Apples All Apples
Peaceful Mode (Standard) 0m 50s 270ms
98th place
1m 42s 550ms
49th place
3m 39s 860ms
46th place
9m 54s 260ms
38th place
Paper Mario: The Origami King
  Defeat the boss
Earth Vellumental 1m 06s 960ms
3rd place
Water Vellumental 2m 45s 800ms
4th place