Garfield Kart
  Time Trial Race (PC) Time Trial Race (No Skips PC) Time Trial Race (3DS)
Catz In The Hood
1m 22s 940ms
18th place

Crazy Dunes
1m 19s 360ms
11th place

Palerock Lake

1m 27s 120ms
2nd place
City Slicker
1m 44s 720ms
9th place

Country Bumpkin 1m 29s 760ms
6th place

Mally Market

0m 04s 070ms
3rd place, 2nd place
Valley Of The Kings

2m 03s 990ms
3rd place
Mysterious Temple
2m 05s 660ms
6th place

Loopy Lagoon 2m 22s 800ms
5th place

  Contender Title Defense
Glass Joe 0m 25s 880ms
13th place

Von Kaiser 0m 20s 490ms
20th place

Race With Ryan
  Single Race (Forward) Single Race (Reverse)
Toy Shop 2m 05s 600ms
2nd place

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
  Time Attack - glitchless no skips Single Race - glitchless no skips Time Attack - glitch/skips Single Race - glitch/skips
Shibuya Downtown 0m 47s 411ms
3rd place

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (3DS)
  Time Attack - Glitchless Single Race - Glitchless
Shibuya Downtown 0m 50s 203ms
3rd place

Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing
  Time Trial Glitchless Time Trial Glitched Single Race Glitchless Single Race Glitched
Whale Lagoon
0m 36s 309ms
3rd place

Shibuya Downtown
0m 11s 061ms
1st place
2m 24s 907ms
3rd place
0m 45s 809ms
1st place
Outer Forest
0m 07s 415ms
1st place

Turbine Loop
0m 12s 280ms
1st place

1m 19s 218ms
1st place
Sandy Drifts

2m 25s 314ms
2nd place

Highway Zero
0m 14s 196ms
1st place

2m 00s 531ms
1st place
Monkey Target

3m 48s 680ms
2nd place