Pac-Man World 2
  RTA Any% RTA 100% RTA 152 Tokens RTA 100% + Tokens Time Trial
2m 08s 330ms
5th place

Bear Basics 0m 38s 730ms
5th place
2m 53s 470ms
5th place

0m 35s
8th place
Canyon Chaos 0m 26s 010ms
5th place

0m 08s
6th place
B-Doing Woods 0m 59s 800ms
8th place

Treewood Forest 1m 34s 440ms
8th place

1m 04s
5th place
Butane Pain 1m 14s 690ms
7th place

1m 08s
5th place
Inky 0m 21s 540ms
6th place

Ice River Run

0m 38s
4th place
Avalanche Alley 2m 53s 940ms
5th place

Pinky 0m 25s 660ms
7th place

Volcanic Panic 3m 47s 910ms
4th place, 4th place

0m 25s
4th place, 5th place
Clyde 1m 35s 970ms
2nd place

Whale 0m 46s 690ms
2nd place, 8th place

Pac-Man World 3
  Any% 100%
Bot Boneyard 4m 54s
2nd place

Banni Wastelands 6m 06s
2nd place

Pac-Man World
Buccaneer Beach 1m 22s
9th place
Corsair's Cove 1m 59s
6th place
Ms. Pac-Man: Maze Madness
  Quest Time Trial Quest All Stars Quest (GBA) Time Trial (GBA) Quest All Stars (GBA)
Cleopactra 2m 19s
1st place

Gobblin 3m 08s
1st place

Super Smash Bros.
  Very Easy 5 Stock Normal 3 Stock Very Hard 1 Stock Break the Targets Board the Platforms
Ness 9m 38s 999ms
16th place

Sonic Forces
  Normal Super Sonic
Enemy Territory 1m 05s 790ms
11th place