Any Difficulty Solo Any Difficulty Co-op DW and Above Solo DW and Above Co-op
Art Gallery 1m 21s
7th place, 1st place

1m 21s
6th place, 1st place

The Big Bank 1m 11s
1st place, 1st place

1m 11s
2nd place, 1st place

Car Shop 4m 12s
58th place, 17th place

4m 12s
17th place, 2nd place

The Diamond

4m 49s
4th place

Diamond Store 0m 50s
13th place, 6th place

3m 14s
3rd place, 1st place

Election Day 2m 54s
15th place, 11th place

2m 54s
7th place, 3rd place

First World Bank

7m 30s
10th place, 3rd place

Hoxton Revenge 3m 26s
5th place

3m 26s
2nd place

Jewelry Store 0m 20s
3rd place, 2nd place