Splatoon 2
Return of the Octarians (01) 2m 02s
106th place
Welcome to Octopia (02) 2m 50s
55th place
The Octopark (05) 2m 12s
38th place
The Octogalaxy (23) 2m 45s
26th place

Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers
  Normal Fantasy Inferno Hardcore
1.1 Clarence City - Aberdale Neighborhood 1m 40s
3rd place

Obey The Game
  High Score UR legs
Normal 0m 00s 430ms
2nd place

HideNRide 0m 00s 750ms
2nd place

  Real Time Score Game Time All Prisms Real Time
N01 1st contact 0m 14s 081ms
4th place