Lower Saxony, Germany

Life Is Strange
  Any% 100%
Episode 1: Chrysalis 46m 46s
21st place

Episode 2: Out Of Time 55m 06s
7th place

Ben and Ed - Blood Party
  Standard High Jump
Easy Start 0m 32s
2nd place
0m 32s
3rd place
Curved Mayhem 1m 18s
4th place
0m 24s
2nd place
Box Fun 2000 0m 56s
3rd place
0m 56s
3rd place
Dominik Loses Everytime 1m 39s
4th place
0m 54s
1st place
Remember Hans 1m 05s
2nd place
1m 05s
2nd place
Patorra Tower 1
0m 17s
2nd place
Head Throwage
0m 03s
2nd place
Burn! Burn! Burn!
0m 19s
2nd place
Plague Inc: Evolved
  Casual Normal Brutal Mega Brutal 1X Speed
Bacteria% 3m 08s
15th place

South Park: The Fractured But Whole
Day/Night 1 1h 17m 07s
4th place
Life Is Strange: Before The Storm
  Any% All Graffiti
Episode 1: Awake 1h 16m 03s
13th place